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Regulatory and Economic Development
State of Wyoming Insurance Department
Jeff Rude

Jeff Rude


Agency Overview
With only 26 employees, the Wyoming Department of Insurance (DOI) is the smallest Insurance Department of any state in the nation. Despite its size, the DOI still maintains expertise in, and regulation of, all insurance specialties. The 1,100 insurance companies licensed in Wyoming are each assessed annually an equal amount which fund the Department’s budget. The DOI brings in approximately $35,000,000 annually to the general fund through fees and assessments.

Agency Background and Structure
The Wyoming Department of Insurance regulates the business of insurance in the State of Wyoming and assists citizens with insurance problems pursuant to the Wyoming Insurance Code. The Department structure can be broken down as follows:

Consumer Assistance - providing assistance to consumers to assure that state laws are being followed regarding insurance claims and other areas of insurance in which consumers may request assistance.

Examination - conducting examinations of domestic insurers and pre-need funeral and cemetery trust funds to assure financial solvency and compliance with the Wyoming Insurance Code. The Department also conducts examinations of producers (agents) to ensure compliance with the Wyoming Insurance Code.

Licensing - assuring that insurers, producers and others licensed by the Department meet the minimum standards contained in the Insurance Code.

Enforcement - taking enforcement action when necessary to ensure compliance with the Insurance Code.

Oversight - providing administrative oversight of insurance related programs. These programs include: the Wyoming Health Insurance Pool, the Wyoming Small Employer Health Reinsurance Program, the Wyoming State Health Insurance Information Program, the Wyoming Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association, the Wyoming Insurance Guaranty Fund Association, the Employees’ and Officials’ Group Insurance Program, the Wyoming Health Benefit Plan Committee, the Wyoming Insurance Producer Continuing Education Program, and the Early Intervention Council.

Policy Form Review - reviewing policy forms and filings to assure that insurance companies are following state statutes and regulations before approving the forms and filings for use in the state of Wyoming.

Health Care Reform - providing information to insurers, employers and consumers regarding implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) monitoring the effects of the federal law on the state of Wyoming.

Regulation - monitoring insurance company compliance with state laws and regulations designed to protect the insurance consumer and promote a healthy competitive market.

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