General Government
Department of Revenue

Brenda Henson
Executive Director

Agency Overview
The Department’s biennial budget is $227,612,612 of which $202,000,000 is a spending authority for our Liquor Division’s enterprise fund. The remaining $25,612,612 is largely personnel costs at $19,877,973 and supportive services at $5,734,639. Staffing levels have declined over the last 20 years and now stand at 114 employees. The Department collects $1.6 billion dollars in revenue and certifies another $626 million dollars on an annual basis for state and local government. Cost of administration is approximately 1.14 percent of the revenue generated.

Agency Background and Structure
The Department is responsible for the collection of Wyoming’s sales and use taxes, tobacco taxes, mineral severance taxes, and excise tax and statutory markup on alcohol and the accurate distribution of those taxes to the state and local government.

The Department of Revenue is comprised of 6 operating Divisions:

Administration, Director and Human Resources

Administrative Services, Accounting, tax processing, procurement, distribution & Property Tax Refund Program

Excise Tax Division, Sales and Use Tax, Tobacco Tax, Wind Generation Tax

Mineral Tax Division, Mineral Severance Tax and ad valorem tax on minerals

Property Tax Division, Oversite of assessor practices, property assessment education, state assessed property valuation, rail car tax collection, provision of CAMA software and hardware to each county

Liquor Division, Sole wholesaler of wine and spirits in Wyoming, regulation of Wyoming liquor licensees, education of licensees through the TIPS program