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Wyoming Department of Transportation
Darin Westby

Darin Westby


Agency Overview
With an estimated 2,000 employees and biennial budget of nearly $1.3 billion, WYDOT operates, maintains, and helps fund statewide air and ground transportation systems, including more than 7,000 miles of roadway, 1,960 bridges, 40 airports, 76 transit projects, 500 WYDOT owned facilities (occupied and unoccupied buildings, rest areas, employee housing, and trailer pads), and 77 public safety communications sites. More than 70% of WYDOT’s budget is reinvested in statewide and local air, ground, and communications infrastructure projects, yielding an estimated annual economic impact of 1,800 jobs, $104 million in wages, and $282 million in goods and services, directly related to projects.*

*  Based on AASHTO’s EconWorks Economic Impact Assessment Tool of an estimated $460 million in transportation project costs, in the Rocky Mountain region, rural area

Agency Background & Structure
WYDOT’s purpose is to operate, maintain, and help fund safe, effective, and sustainable air and ground transportation systems, serving all citizens of Wyoming and supporting the economic viability of the state and nation. As such, it serves five primary functions: maintaining the roads, bridges, and airports of Wyoming’s transportation infrastructure; enforcing traffic, safety, and criminal laws statewide; developing commercial air service in Wyoming and more than 40 airports statewide; providing transportation services such as vehicle registrations and license plates, drivers licenses, and access to public transit; and supporting the statewide interoperable communications network, accessed by more than 500 agencies for both routine and emergency communications.

WYDOT is structured around the most efficient and effective delivery of its five functional areas:

Maintaining Roads, Bridges, and Airports overseen by the Chief Engineer, two Assistant Chief Engineers (ACEs), and the Aeronautics Administrator, with the ACE for Operations overseeing the field offices in five districts

Enforcing Traffic, Safety, and Criminal Laws overseen by the Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) Administrator and Colonel, and the WHP Executive Command Staff, with the Field Services Commander overseeing the five WHP district offices

Developing Statewide Air Service overseen by the Aeronautics Administrator

Providing Transportation Related Services overseen by the Support Services Administrator, with Driver Services and Motor Vehicle Services under this area

Supporting Statewide Interoperable Communications Network overseen by the Chief Technology Officer, who is also the Governor appointed 911 Coordinator for the state of Wyoming and is responsible for statewide emergency communications

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