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Regulatory and Economic Development
Rob Creager.jpg

Rob Creager

Executive Director


The Wyoming Energy Authority combines the existing scopes of the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority, Wyoming Pipeline Authority and the State Energy Office, effectively consolidating Wyoming’s energy program into one entity that works to advance the state’s energy strategy by supporting Wyoming’s full energy portfolio.

The Wyoming Energy Authority coordinates with the entire energy spectrum, empowering collaboration, innovation and growth. It is tasked to:

  • Promote and support the development of commercial energy projects

  • Preserve existing markets while identifying and pursuing new areas for market development

  • Promote Wyoming’s energy resources and provide education, data and resources with the benefits of Wyoming’s energy assets

  • Leverage financial opportunities to develop efforts conducive to the sustainability of the energy sector in Wyoming

  • Leverage Wyoming’s diverse energy resources for the benefit of Wyoming citizens while preserving environmental stewardship

  • Support the transition of innovative technologies and practices into the Wyoming energy sector

  • Navigate the Wyoming energy sector through emerging opportunities and help frame best practices for other communities and states

  • Develop and promote public policies and regulations to ensure the sustainable use of Wyoming’s energy resources

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