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Enterprise Technology Services

Gordon Knopp

Executive Director

Agency Overview
ETS is an enterprise service agency tasked with authority in the Executive Branch and responsibility to work with other areas of government including: the Judicial Branch, Legislative Branch, Counties, School Districts, and Municipalities.  ETS was created to provide IT services in the areas of voice, video, and data communications, hardware, software, data, planning, and governance. Customer facing IT services are provided across the state from teams stationed at various locations. “Back office” IT service is primarily provided out of Cheyenne.

Agency Background & Structure
ETS is a relatively new agency maturing each year. ETS began via consolidation from various State agencies. The consolidation effort had successes and failures and efforts to refine the consolidation continue this year. Currently ETS is organized into three divisions:

Information Services - Help Desk and end-user support; call in and in-office user support to include computers, printers, phones, and software

Information Technologies - Network, Systems, Application Development (Programmers) Network (and internet) services, enterprise software systems, website and custom application support

Business Operations - ETS-Agency Liaisons, HR, Finance, Business Communications, agency relations, billing, budgeting, and ETS internal operations support.

The new Director, starting in March 2019, met with ETS staff and agencies in Cheyenne and across the state to listen and learn about the current state and desired future state. As a result of this learning and a review of the state statutes related to ETS, the structure described above will change in the coming months to address current expectations, challenges, and risks.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon

Wyoming State Capitol

200 W. 24th St.

Cheyenne, WY 82001

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