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Natural Resources
Wyoming Geological Survey

Erin Campbell

Director and State Geologist

Agency Overview
The Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) is a non-regulatory scientific agency dedicated to protecting the interests of the citizens of Wyoming in all geologic matters, including energy and mineral resources, geologic hazards, fossils, water, and geologic tourism. This is accomplished through vigilant monitoring and collection of data, rigorous investigations, and broad dissemination of information. By providing accurate information and expanding geologic knowledge, the WSGS contributes to the economic growth of the state and improves the quality of life of Wyoming’s residents.

The clients and collaborators of the WSGS include state and federal government agencies, the Wyoming Legislature, industry, non-governmental organizations, the public, news media, and the educational community. Within state government, the WSGS works with the Office of State Lands, Department of Environmental Quality, Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Wyoming State Engineers Office, Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, Wyoming Water Development Office, Wyoming Division of State Parks and Historic Sites, Wyoming State Museum, and University of Wyoming.

Agency Background and Structure
The WSGS has 21 legislatively approved positions. Funding sources for the WSGS includes general funds as well as state and federal grants. Research programs and agency divisions include the following:

Energy Resources (oil, gas, coal, uranium, CREG forecasts)
Mineral Resources (trona, bentonite, rare earth elements, industrial minerals, aggregates, critical minerals, precious metals, base metals)
Geologic Hazards (landslides, earthquakes, sinkholes, volcanism)
Groundwater (subsurface aquifers, recharge, quality, modeling)
Data Management
Publications and Communication

The WSGS has an Advisory Board consisting of the Governor, a University of Wyoming member appointed by the university president, the State Oil and Gas Supervisor, and five members appointed by the Governor.
The Director of the WSGS, as State Geologist, serves as a commissioner on the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and the Enhanced Oil Recovery Commission, as a member of the Wyoming Consensus Revenue Estimating Group and the State Groundwater Coordination Committee, and as a board member of the Wyoming Board of Professional Geologists.


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