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Mark Gordon


Agency Overview
The Governor formulates and administers executive policy and exercises general supervision, direction, and control over the executive branch of state government. It is the responsibility of the Governor to provide leadership for the State of Wyoming that will outlast the administration by virtue of direct public engagement and secondary government support. The office achieves this through superior government access for the people of Wyoming and responsiveness to opportunities and challenges facing Wyoming, while prudently managing state resources.

Additionally, the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security exists within the Office of the Governor and budget. The agency’s mission is to respond to and recover from all hazards. Wyoming Office of Homeland Security is founded on the overarching principle of helping Wyoming residents and communities make our state a safer place to live and work.

Agency Background and Structure
The Governor’s Office previously consisted of an administrative budget and a policy budget. The Governor’s administrative staff included 11 full-time positions (including the Governor). These positions included the chief of staff, legal counsel, communications director, office manager, executive secretary, scheduler, a boards and commission coordinator, a constituent services coordinator, and support staff positions who assisted with the duties of the office.
The Policy Office Budget included 9 full-time positions, including the Policy Director and policy analysts in the following areas: education, natural resources & agriculture, natural resources & environment, business & economic development, health & humans services, budget & transportation along with military, energy and transparency, along with wildlife. We now also have 1 AWEC position for the Chief Energy Advisor.

The administrative staff is responsible for research and data compilation on numerous issues, providing facts and making recommendations to the Governor. The administrative staff assists with responses received daily from Wyoming citizens and other interest parties.

The policy advisors provide policy analysis and recommendations for the Governor on a wide variety of issues. They serve as a liaison to the sub cabinet groups established to improve collaboration and synergy among related state agencies. The policy staff also researches constituent comments and inquiries and assist with responses.

In 2003, the Wyoming Legislature enacted the Wyoming Homeland Security Act. This act created the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security from the agency previously known as the Wyoming Emergency Management Agency. The agency has three units; fiscal, logistics and preparedness and has 22 employees. WOHS is responsible for multiple federal grants, and is the administrative oversight for the Wyoming State Emergency Response Commission and the Wyoming Search and Rescue Council.

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