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Public Safety and Corrections
Judicial District #7
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Daniel Itzen
District Attorney

Agency Overview
In January 2019, Daniel Itzen took office as the Natrona County District Attorney.

Agency Background and Structure
In 1981, the Wyoming State Legislature created the office of the District Attorney in each judicial district in which any one county's population reached 60,000 or more.  Both the Seventh and First Judicial Districts (encompassing Natrona and Laramie Counties respectively) have elected a District Attorney since January of 1983.  The current District Attorney in the Seventh Judicial District, Natrona County, is Daniel J. Itzen who was elected in the 2018 election and took office on January 7, 2019.

The Natrona County District Attorney’s Office has 21 positions consisting of 1 District Attorney, 9 Assistant District Attorneys, 3 Victim Witness Coordinators, 1 Business Office Coordinator, 7 Legal Assistants and 1 receptionist. We also have 2 Youth Diversion Officer’s that are part of your office, but paid by other agencies. We currently have approximately 300 open Felony cases, and 500 open misdemeanor cases. Since January 1, 2019, 166 Juvenile Cases have been filed in this office, 115 kids have been eligible for the Youth Diversion Program. There are currently 43 kids on the Youth Diversion Program.  Without the Youth Diversion, these cases would be absorbed and have to be assigned to an attorney.

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