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General Government
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Steve True

Director and Board CEO

Agency Overview
The Wyoming Livestock Board (WLSB) operates its biennial budget with a breakdown of approximately 56% producer- generated fees from Brand Inspection and Recording, 31% General Fund appropriation, 12% pass through Predator Board dollar, and approximately 3% from a USDA-APHIS grant for Brucellosis activities.

Agency Background and Structure
The statutory duty of the WLSB is to ''...exercise general supervision over and protect the livestock interests of the state from theft and disease...." Formed as the Wyoming Livestock and Sanitary Board in 1933 in response to Article 19, Section 1, of the Wyoming Constitution, the WLSB currently performs these duties through four units, (administration, animal health, brand inspection and recording, and law enforcement) staffed by 16 full time positions, 60 full time At-Will Employment Contract (AWEC), and 36 part time AWEC Brand Inspectors.

The WLSB is an executive branch agency with oversight, policy, and direction provided by seven Board members from the sheep and cattle industries, appointed by the Governor.

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