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Regulatory and Economic Development
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Dave Glenn

Dave Glenn

Acting Director

Agency Overview
State Parks and Cultural Resources provide memorable, recreational, cultural and educational opportunities and experiences to improve communities and enrich lives through a combination of preservation, education, outreach, planning, granting, conservation, construction, maintenance, public safety and economic impact and development.  Our Agency serves Wyoming citizens, out-of-state visitors, local, county and state governments and agencies, public schools and institutions of higher education, Wyoming nonprofit organizations, and Wyoming businesses.

Agency Background and Structure
The Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources (SPCR) consists of 161 full time positions and 88 part-time positions (11 permanent part-time, and 77 seasonal positions). The department consists of two divisions and an administration section: the Division of State Parks, Historic Sites and Trails (SPHS&T), the Division of Cultural Resources (State Historic Preservation Office, State Archives, Wyoming Arts Council, the State Museum, Office of the State Archaeologist, and Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund), and Administrative Services Section that services the entire agency (Director’s Office, Accounting, Human Resources, Public Information/Marketing/Technology).

The agency’s and division's headquarters, State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), State Museum, State Archives, Wyoming Arts Council, and Cultural Trust Fund are located in Cheyenne, with SHPO Records Office and State Archaeologist office in Laramie, Trails Program field office in Lander, Central Construction field office in Shoshoni, and State Parks and Historic Sites located statewide.

SPCR accomplishes its mission in consultation with the Wyoming State Parks & Cultural Resources Commission, a nine member advisory body representing seven geographically appointed districts with two additional at-large members that meet quarterly and additionally as needed.  SPCR has five additional boards/councils that assist individual programs, including; State Trails Council, Wyoming Arts Council, Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund Board, State Historic Records Advisory Board, and National Register of Historic Places.

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