Regulatory and Economic Development

Public Service Commission

Kara B. Fornstrom


Agency Overview
The Wyoming Public Service Commission (WPSC) serves all residential, commercial and industrial customers of electric, natural gas, water and intrastate pipeline public utilities and telecommunications companies in Wyoming by ensuring the availability of safe, adequate and reliable utility service at just and reasonable rates while maintaining financial viability of the public utilities.

The Wyoming Public Service Commission’s (WPSC) 2021-2022 Biennium Budget appropriation request is $15,654,492.  Of that amount, $9,948,825 is funded through an assessment, statutorily limited to three (3) mills, on gross intrastate retail revenues of utility service and commodity providers; $5,320,854 from the Wyoming Universal Fund assessment on intrastate retail sales of telecommunications services; $20,313 is interest earned on the Wyoming Universal Service Fund balance; and $364,500 from federal funds from a grant for the Wyoming One Call public service announcements and for the Wyoming pipeline safety program. The federal grant for the Wyoming Pipeline Safety program covers a portion of the expenses of the program, and the administrative unit of the agency is responsible for the remainder of those expenses. The portion reimbursable by the federal grant is not defined prior to the expenses being incurred.

Primary Functions     
Regulation:  Establish and maintain appropriate public utility rates and terms of service, ensure safety and reliability, establish utility service territories.

Public Outreach: Provide opportunities for utility customers and other interested parties to participate in hearings, public meetings, technical conferences, comment hearings, and proposed rulemaking proceedings, and to promote understanding of public utility regulation and awareness of related Wyoming law and policy.

Administration:  Manage Agency and Wyoming Universal Service Fund (WUSF).

Advocacy:  Represent Wyoming and its citizens at the regional and national levels.

Inspection:  Ensure safe operation of Wyoming intrastate natural gas pipelines, natural gas distribution facilities and electrical facilities.

Agency Background and Structure
The WPSC’s divisions are Administration, Office of Consumer Advocate (OCA), and Wyoming Universal Service Fund (WUSF). The Commission is currently authorized to have 37 full-time and one part-time At Will Employee Contract position. The OCA has six of the full-time positions, while the WUSF has one full time equivalent.