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David Swindell

David Swindell

Executive Director

Agency Overview
The Wyoming Retirement System Board of Trustees is responsible for managing WRS’ assets and liabilities to keep the retirement plans financially sound and board members are required by law to act in the best financial interest of members. WRS invests for the long-term. By pooling approximately $8 billion in assets and pre-funding benefits through member and employer contributions, WRS' pension plans pay about 70% of benefits from investment earnings. The WRS Board closely monitors funding status and has a valuation report done every year. The funding ratio is an important measure of a plan's health, but equally important is the direction in which the plan is heading. WRS' largest plan, the Public Employee Pension Plan, is nearly 80% funded.

Agency Background and Structure

In 1953, the state Legislature repealed the State Employees’ Retirement Act and the Wyoming Teachers’ Retirement Act. The Legislature then passed a law creating the Wyoming Retirement System, which combined all teachers and state employees under one system. The new WRS became effective April 1, 1953.

WRS' pension plans are a defined benefit, meaning that they provide a predictable monthly paycheck in retirement that cannot be outlived.

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