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General Government
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Jerry Vincent
Executive Director

Agency Overview
The State Construction Department (SCD) provides a diverse range of knowledge and expertise in the planning, building condition assessments, design, construction, and preservation of state buildings, community colleges, and K-12 educational facilities throughout Wyoming. This is achieved through discussion with our clients utilizing building condition assessments as well as a daily commitment to our principles: effective communication, respectful collaboration, excellence in service, continued education and training, and transparency in our work. The agency consists of three divisions:


Construction Management (CMD) CMD oversees the construction, renovation, and major maintenance of state-owned buildings and community college buildings. The division also reviews and evaluates the acquisition and sale of property for state agencies. The CMD reports directly to the State Building Commission (SBC), which is comprised of the state's five elected officials: the governor, who chairs the Commission, the secretary of state, the state auditor, the state treasurer, and the superintendent of public instruction.

School Facilities (SFD) SFD oversees the construction, renovation, and major maintenance of K-12 facilities. The SFD, in collaboration with the Select Committee on School Facilities and the School Facilities Commission (SFC) is responsible for: implementing policies, guidelines, and standards adopted by the Commission; helping districts develop comprehensive, long range facility plans; maintaining the school facilities database comprised of building and facility specific information such as facility type, usage, age, and physical condition; and many other duties as outlined in W.S. 21-15-123.

Operations Operations Division was created in the 2018 legislative session to help support the agency in executing its mission. This division is comprised of finance, planning, project management, and administrative support. These functions are utilized by both the CMD and SFD to maximize agency resources and efficiencies.

Agency Background and Structure
Prior to 2016, the Construction Management Division (CMD) and School Facilities Department (SFD) were independent from one another. CMD functioned as a division of the Wyoming Department of Administration and Information (A&I) and SFD was a stand-alone agency. Established in 2016 by Enrolled Act No. 59 of the 63rd Wyoming Legislature, the State Construction Department (SCD) became a combination of the once separate CMD and SFD to better leverage the expertise between the two.

SFD originally existed as part of the School Facilities Commission (SFC) in 2002.  SFD became an independent agency in 2011 when the Legislature enacted Senate File 0110.  With the passage of Enrolled Act No. 59 in 2016, CMD was removed from the A&I umbrella and merged with SFD, thereby creating the SCD. Enrolled act 59 also allowed for the SCD to create its own procurement policies and procedures to streamline the construction process.

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