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BFY 21/22 Supplemental Budget

Governor Mark Gordon released his supplemental budget proposal in November, which included additional cuts on top of the 10% cuts that he implemented in July. This proposed budget reflects the Governor’s commitment to the Wyoming people that the state must live within its means in the face of declining revenues.

The Governor’s proposed budget would cut state funding by more than $500 million and fulfills his constitutional requirement to present a balanced budget. This proposed budget reflects total cuts to state agencies averaging 15% while seeking to preserve the health, safety and welfare of Wyoming citizens.

Among the Governor’s total proposed cuts is $135 million to the Wyoming Department of Health. The programs affected by the WDH cuts will impact healthcare coverage for disabled and low-income residents, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, and developmental preschools.

The $700 million general fund budget of the University of Wyoming and the community colleges makes up almost a quarter of the total general fund budget. To balance the budget and prepare for future revenue shortfalls the Governor is proposing nearly 15 percent reductions to higher education. Some agencies, including the Governor’s Office, will experience nearly 20 percent cuts if the Legislature approves this proposed budget.

Governor Gordon did caution that after these budget reductions there remains a nearly $300 million deficit today, resulting from the cost of K-12 education. This overrun is covered with dollars from the state’s Rainy Day Fund, a process the Legislature established. Left unresolved, this deficit could grow to as much as $600 million in two years. This is one area where only the Legislature can act.

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