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Ed Seidel

Ed Seidel



As the Equality State’s university, we strive to break through barriers and explore new frontiers of teaching and learning. Through the unfettered pursuit of knowledge, we aim to apply innovation, intelligence and tenacity to meet the economic, social and environmental challenges of today, and to create a sustainable, diverse and equitable world without borders for tomorrow.


We honor our heritage as the state’s flagship and land-grant university by providing accessible and affordable higher education of the highest quality; rigorous scholarship; the communication and application of knowledge; economic and community development; and responsible stewardship of our cultural, historical and natural resources. In the exercise of our primary mission to promote learning, we seek to provide academic and co-curricular opportunities that will:

Graduate students who have experienced the frontiers of scholarship and creative activity and who are prepared for the complexities of an interdependent world;

Cultivate a community of learning energized by collaborative work among students, faculty, staff and external partners.

Nurture an environment that values and manifests diversity, internationalization, free expression, academic freedom, personal integrity and mutual respect; and

Promote opportunities for personal health and growth, physical health, athletic competition and leadership development for all members of the university community. As Wyoming’s only public university, we are committed to scholarship, outreach and service that extend our human talent and technological capacity to serve the people in our communities, our state, the nation and the world.


Our values represent beliefs and principles that drive the culture and priorities of the entire University community and provide the crucial framework within which decisions are made. Regardless of role: student, faculty, staff, trustee, alumni and other stakeholders alike recognize the importance of embedding these values in their day to day activities to assure that the institution and its graduates succeed and are exemplars of the best of Wyoming and the world.

Exploration and Discovery Free, open and unfettered exploration and discovery supported by rigorous peer review and the communication and application of that scholarship, constitute the core principles and practices of this university.

Innovation and Application Creative thinking leads to new knowledge, inspires student achievement and brings practical innovation to our communities.

Disciplinarily and Interdisciplinary Knowledge advances through intense and focused study and also in the intersection of ideas and disciplines. UW cultivates the energy of individual and collaborative advances.

Integrity and Responsibility Outstanding teaching, learning and scholarship rely on the principles of integrity, responsibility and trust throughout our community.

Diversity and Internationalization A diverse and international community that includes and respects different ethnicities, genders, sexualities, abilities, cultures and worldviews multiplies our capacity to explore, innovate and educate.

Engagement and Communication Engagement with local, state, tribal, national and global constituencies inspires our daily work. We are committed to active outreach and clear communication with our extensive communities.

Agency Background & Structure
The University of Wyoming was established as the state’s Morrill Act land-grant university in 1886 and serves as Wyoming’s only university. Given the University of Wyoming's nationally unique status as the only public university in the state, UW serves simultaneously as a land-grant, flagship, and research institution. Its commitments to scholarship, outreach and service extend to all corners of the state and require continuous assessment of the needs and values of a broad range of internal and external constituent and stake-holder groups.

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