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Natural Resources
Water Development Office
Image by adrian korpal

Jason Mead

Interim Director

Agency Overview
The Wyoming Water Development Program was founded on the sound philosophy of utilizing a portion of the income the state receives from the development and use of its non-renewable resources, such as coal, oil and gas, to develop and manage a renewable resource, water. The foresight by the Legislature for this funding structure makes the Program unique and extremely valuable in preserving Wyoming's water and related land resources for the people of the state. The Program is overseen by the ten (10) member Wyoming Water Development Commission (WWDC) and administered by the Wyoming Water Development Office (WWDO). The WWDO biennial budget of approximately $8 million consists of Water Development Account I funds. The Program has served over 260 municipalities, counties, and special districts through yearly omnibus water planning and construction bills with the 2018 and 2019 omnibus water bill appropriations in excess of $66M. 

Agency Background & Structure
In 1979, the WWDC was formed and an independent office staff was developed. The WWDC was created to streamline the administration of the program and make it more effective. The WWDO includes a director and twenty-four (24) staff members.


The WWDO encompasses four divisions:



Dam and Reservoir




Each division has an administrator who reports to the Director. The Director is responsible for the operation of the entire program, serves as the contact with the WWDC, Governor, and Legislature, and performs special assignments for the Governor. Individual project administration is the priority of the WWDO. The WWDO will continue to use up-to-date technology to reduce administrative costs and apply sound planning for cost efficient construction of projects. 

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