Human Services

Robin Sessions Cooley


Agency Overview
The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services (DWS) operates with a biennial budget of approximately $184 million and nearly 600 employees. DWS’ budget makeup is as follows: 11% general funds, 49% federal funds and 40% other funds. Largely a service-based agency, DWS administers 55 distinct programs authorized by state or federal law. DWS has a large presence statewide and serves individuals in every county in Wyoming.

Agency Background and Structure
DWS serves a diverse constituency, but its primary clientele includes employers and job seekers. The Agency’s focus can be broadly described in its effort to provide employment services and assistance to individuals and businesses, while ensuring compliance with federal and/or state standards.


The Agency is organized into the following Divisions:

Workforce Standards
Policy, Research, & Communications
Workforce Programs

In addition to the above Divisions, the following functions operate within the Office of the Director:

Office of the Mine Inspector
Human Resources
Wyoming Workforce Development Council

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