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Regulatory and Economic Development

Josh Dorrell


Agency Overview
Since its establishment in 1998, the Wyoming Business Council has been entrusted with helping to overcome one of Wyoming’s most persistent and difficult challenges: developing a diverse economy.

The WBC has made great strides in this pursuit in its 21 years, enabling jobs, investment and community development through programs like Business Ready Communities, Wyoming Main Street, and Placemaking. Brunton, Weatherby, Microsoft, McGinley Orthopedics, Gluten Free Harvest, SGL Carbon, Bright Agrotech, Square One Systems Design, and Atlas Carbon represent a fraction of the companies who have expanded or relocated to Wyoming as a result of Wyoming Business Council projects.

Agency Background and Structure
Changing economic conditions in recent years compelled the WBC Board of Directors to adopt a new strategy in May 2019.The strategy, developed in three months in partnership with communities, local economic developers, business, industry and ENDOW, focuses the agency on realizing diverse, broad and lasting growth so Wyoming can prosper no matter the economic climate or status of individual sectors. In the strategy, the WBC defines its purpose as:
Creating new opportunities for current and future generations of Wyomingites by adding value to Wyoming’s core industries (energy, agriculture, outdoor recreation and tourism) and leveraging them to activate new economic sectors (healthcare, finance, scientific and professional services, arts and culture and advanced manufacturing).

Achieving this purpose is possible because of the deep expertise on the WBC’s Board of Directors and the talented and experienced staff at the WBC. The WBC Board of Directors is comprised of 15 Wyoming businessmen and women. With previous experience at Fortune 500 companies, local governments and economic development organizations throughout the state, the WBC staff is a trusted partner in economic development.

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